Prestige 2007 Ltd is pleased to present to your attention its domestic and professional detergents and disinfectants. The establishment of the Company and the start of its activity coincides with the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union in the beginning of 2007. Our ambition is to offer our customers excellent quality in accordance with the latest innovations and requirements of the Bulgarian and European legislation. Our Company is certified according to ISO 9001 for quality management of production processes and ISO 50001 for energy efficiency and works with EDI system for electronic document exchange

After many years of research and investment in the production of detergents and disinfectants, we have succeeded in patenting two trademarks RaLex and Hit & Clean. The wide range of products covers the low and medium price segment, covering the needs of home and professional hygiene.

We are also proud to introduce our latest RaLex ECO PLUS products in compliance with the latest requirements and certified by the European Union for the production of environmentally friendly household and professional cleaning products.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment with a production capacity of 60,000 liters allow us to be flexible and expeditious in making decisions according to the individual needs of our customers. We offer the production of all our products with your own logo in order to be of maximum use to your marketing.