Professional cleaning machines

Professional cleaning machines Professional cleaning machines

domestic and industrial detergents

domestic and industrial detergents

About Us

We are pleased to present our professional cleaning systems, equipment, detergents and accessories. 

The establishment of our Company and the launch of its activity coincides with the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union in early 2007. Our ambition is to offer an excellent quality combined with modern technology, management, knowledge and dedication. 

We are proud to declare that we can offer professional solutions for all types of cleaning services, including equipment, detergents, sanitary supplies, and everything needed for the easy maintenance and quality care of your home, office, manufacturing or commercial premises.

After years of researches and investments in the production of detergents we were able to patent two brands. RaLex is a wide range of detergents in the middle price range, which serves the interests of the residential and commercial sector, with a quality not inferior to even the most well-known brands. Hit & Clean is a wide range of detergents in the lower price range, which are oriented to serve the interests of the professional and commercial cleaning. You will be surprised how economical and efficient it can be to maintain a good hygiene in... read more